Hello everyone!

My name is Taylor Ethridge, and I am a student at Middle Tennessee State University. I’m currently working on getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Media while minoring in History.

I plan to pair my degree with my writing skills to one day work for a website that revolves around media (i.e. video games, movies, etc.).

The main thing to know about me is I play a ton of video games, which is why I want my career to revolve around them. It may sound silly, but I have a crazy amount of knowledge about the video game industry that needs to be heard!

In fact, I’m currently writing for a website right now, which you can find at http://www.jackofallcontrollers.com , where I serve as the Head of PlayStation. I review newly released titles as well as give my opinions on anything video game related.

Please feel free to tell me my opinions are stupid at anytime.

If I’m not playing video games, you can find me on Twitter ranting about the L.A. Lakers, how Sony and Disney have split (leaving Spider-Man out of the MCU), or how much I love Game of Thrones.

I have a dog, named Ryder, who is a German Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix, and he looks identical to Dogmeat from the game Fallout 4. He’s a momma’s boy, but don’t tell her that, I still love him more.

-Taylor Ethridge

Contact Me.

School: te2m@mtmail.mtsu.edu

Work: tayethridge13@yahoo.com

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